*Shipping to some countries is temporarily suspended or experiencing delays due to CO-VID 19.We apologize for the inconvenience.
*Google Drive is not supported
*Due to the system, only one image can be uploaded for each order.
*To preserve our customers decision, pictures will be printed without any digital adjustment.
*For better results, we recommend pictures uploaded to be at least 700x by 700px

  1. step 1

    Please choose the photo you want to print on FOTOCO.

  2. step 2

    You can upload your photos directly from your folder,
    or from Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox.

  3. step 3

    Please crop your photo.
    The final finish will be 2mm inside your photo’s borders.

  4. step 4

    Areas outside the curve of the white line will not be printed.
    Please note that the final print may shift about
    2mm within the borders of the photo.

  5. step 5

    FOTOCO will generally be shipped within 5 business days.
    Specific information will be sent in the confirmation e-mail.


  • Payment MethodsCredit card
    (VISA, MASTER, JCB or AMEX)or Paypal
    Payment Methods
  • ShippingFree shipping.
  • Estimated Delivery TimeOrders will generally be shipped within 5 business days of order. More information will be sent in your order confirmation email.
  • Returns / ReplacementsIf there are any issues with your purchase, please contact us within 7 days of delivery, via the Contact Us page, or by e-mail and we will happily replace your product.


FOTOCO employs the same reinforced glass used in smartphones, and environmentally friendly, fade resistant UV ink. FOTOCO’s reinforced glass is 5 times stronger than tempered glass, making the surface impervious to natural wear and tear. Unlike ordinary glass, FOTOCO’s reinforced glass loses no strength even while paper thin, and will not break if bent. Printing your favorite photos or images on clear glass recreates subtle colors not seen on paper.Yokohama is a city by the sea, which is why everything needs to be reliable no matter what. FOTOCO’s UV ink is resistant to light damage and aging, making it safe to put FOTOCO just about anywhere you set your sights on. At only only 1.3 millimeters wide, and weighing 6 grams, it is easy to collect and store FOTOCO as you would a photo album. FOTOCO’s included stand lets you keep your fondest memories in sight while blending in with any interior.


  • While FOTOCO is made of tempered glass, strong impacts or shocks may cause cracking or breaking. In case of damage, please cease use immediately.
  • When placing within reach of children, please make sure to keep FOTOCO where it will not easily fall, or be mistaken for food.
  • Please note that damage may occur to images printed on FOTOCO when subjected to excessive force or rubbing within the Glass Stand.
  • Please note that fading or light damage may occur when placing FOTOCO under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  • FOTOCO images are printed onto propylene film on top of tempered glass. Please do not remove the film from the glass.


FOTOCO Dissection
Glass Plate:
Reinforced glass, 1.33 wide
Printing Surface:
Polypropylene Film
Glass Plate Dimensions:
H125 × W125 × D1.3mm
Glass Plate Weight:
Glass Stand:
Glass, clear
Glass Stand Dimensions:
H22.89mm × W42.9mm
Glass Stand Weight:
W225 × H53 × D162mm
Package Weight:
UV Print