wallcolor® as a design & crafts company holds
the coexistence of strength and kindness at its core.
We consider the intersection of these two central values as
the underlying concept in our approach to the concept & design of new products.

Things that look completely unrelated at first glance,
take entirely new shapes, new meanings when you put them together.
Just as it is with people.
Just as it is with technology.
We live for these kind of chances and encounters.
The future holds countless possibilities.

What we provide is that little bit of innovation.

A breath of fresh air from Yokohama.


Wall of wallcolor®’s items are conceptualized and designed in Yokohama.
At first glance, a city just like any other. Classic yet casual
However, time just seems to run slower here.
We want to bring that feel of Yokohama to everyone on Earth.
This is why we add a touch of the city to everything we do, from planning to design.
At wallcolor®, we have created 8 symbolic colors to embody the atmosphere of Yokohama. Make every day special by mixing and matching our unique tones.

Attention color design

Yamashita Green
Lush green lawns illuminate by light filtering through trees. Vivid!
Green grass field and the ocean play together to form that unique and peaceful landscape.
Sunset Orange
The city bathes in orange
as the sun settles in the distant sea horizon.
A moment of relief in the warm glow of the sunset.
Akarenga Red
The gaze at the red bricks, time slows down. Tranquility. Troubles fade away.
Celebrate this day - today.
Crow Black
A single crow aims for a far, distant place as it flies mightily through the sky with the night that follows.
Skyline Purple
The fresh sky after a summer rain. The city, the still-open umbrellas.
All-together is dyed in the same shade of purplish paint. A day like any other. A special day...
Mirage Yellow
A dazzling ray of light, flying and bouncing about, making yet another bright morning in the city.
Make this day amazing.
Bay Blue
The ever-expanding blue sea. Ships set sail from the harbor, leaving tiny ripples in their wake until they disappear over the horizon. All of them heading for the future that awaits.
Windsail White
A fresh wind blows through the main street.
Turn the page, embrace that new moment, a scent of the ocean has your back.

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Established in
April 2013
Takeshi Kanno
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